Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another Robeez

Looks like Tori Spelling is getting good use of her Robeez shoes that she got at The Boom Boom Room --I couldn't wait to email the gals over at Robeez to let them know the good news, here is what they had to say "Just saw it! She got that pair at the Boom Boom Room!" K--- Can you believe we are only 4 months away from the BIG Boom already

Thursday, August 14, 2008


It's coming one of the biggest most fashionable children events to hit Hollywood is coming in November!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Day, Another Wagon Picture

Brad Pitt was not lying when he said our Hollywood Breakfast Club's Back to School Gift Box that was delivered in a West Coast Wagon "Kicked Ass" Marcia Cross was recently seen pulling her girls in her gifted West Coast Wagon! This picture landed in People, Intouch and Life and Style Magazine Congrats T!

Better Late than Never! Nicole Ritchie

We know, this is a little old but here is the feature of Born Free Bottles in People Magazine as one of Nicole Ritchie's favorite Products that was sent to Nicole thru The Hollywood Breakfast Club!

Nicole Ritchie and Harlow

Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine featured a couple of our favorite picks from The Hollywood Breakfast Club's Spring 08 baby gift box that was sent to Nicole Ritchie! Congrats to Diapees and Wipees and Baby Emi Jewelry (who also got a great thank you note from Camila Alves)

Marcia Cross Snobby In Hollywood

Marcia Cross seems to love her bib by Snobby Baby that was gifted to her thru Hollywood Breakfast Club Summer 07 Gift Box. Congrats Snobby Baby. This picture even landed in Us Weekly

Melissa Joan Hart digs Diapees and Wipees

I love Diapees and Wipees and its been a pleasure to work with them over the years which is why I was so thrilled to see Melissa Joan Hart with her Diapees and Wipees pouch (see on top of stroller) that was sent to her thru The Hollywood Breakfast Club's Spring 07 box. C of at Diapees and Wipees was tinkled pink when she saw!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Say Cheese!

I can't tell who was more excited Ali Landry or Estela about the BIG Box full of gifts for Baby Estela from The Hollywood Breakfast Club! I think little Estela is thinking "I love Jayneoni!"

Hollywood's Posh Teddy Bear

What do Christina Aguilera, Samantha Harris, Angela Bassett, Halle Berry and Gwyneth Paltrow all have in common??? They all have and LOVE Moncalin luxury Teddy Bears and blankets. Moncalin Bears are handmade and are the softest bears in the world! To hug a Moncalin Bear is like hugging a marshmallow and to wrap up in a Moncalin Blanket is like wrapping up in a Cloud (I must admit I love to cover up with my child size Moncalin Blanket while I am watching TV). With there assorted styles and colors Moncalin has a style for every A-list Mom and you don't have to live in Hollywood to own a Moncalin www.moncalin.com

Friday, August 8, 2008

Tori and Liam do a Time Out

Well well well! Even the cute guys get a time out! Congrats to H. over at Time Out Spots for her great placement in Instyle! Here is what she said "Jayneoni-I just wanted to tell you how excited I was to see Tori and Dean with my Time Out Spot in "In Style!"
Here is a pic of Little Liam on The Time Out Spot rug sent to him in our Fall 07 gift box! Congrats Time Out Spots

Monday, August 4, 2008

Another Day Another Thank You!

I am always so happy when my vendors get a wonderful thank you note from the celebs we gift thru The Hollywood Breakfast Club, I received this happy email from the folks over at Little Soles- I think it made her day! Congrats J.

Hello Jayneoni,

I wanted to contact you to say thank you again for the invite to participate this spring.

I know I said I would keep you updated. I wanted to let you know we did receive a beautiful letter from Ms. Halle Berry. I am so touched. As the designer; to hear that kind of feedback it is so awesome.
I just wanted to say THANKS!



Please sign Here!

Melissa Joan Hart was all smiles when she received her hand delivered giant Happy Spring Gift Box from The Hollywood Baby Breakfast Club in May (yes that box was filled to the top with gifts for her boys from some amazing vendors!) Thanks for the love Melissa!

Shiloh's Best Friend!

It looks like little Shiloh can't get enough of the little blankies we have sent her in several gift boxes thru The Hollywood Baby Breakfast Club from Swaddle Designs!  Congrats L.!

Before the world met little Levi we sent Camila and Matthew McConaughey a beautiful new baby box that was filled with all sorts of goodies even hair bows!  Even though they welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the worked they where still kind enough to send a thank you note to Jennifer of Sweet Baby Boutique!  Such great people!  Congrats Jennifer!  

Pimp my wagon!

One of the biggest responses that we have had is to our back to school boxes we did last fall, where we filled customed wagons from West Coast Wagons and sent them to Hollywood's famous tots!  Recently Adam Sandler was seen pulling his little daughter in her princess wagon!!  What does Tiffany of West Coast Wagons think of the sighting?  "Jayneoni you are the BEST-YOU ROCK!"  

Estela in Robeez!

One of our favorites, Ali Landry and daughter Estela was photographed at a Los Angeles airport little Estela is wearing her Robeez Swiss Dot Bow shoes that was gifted to her thru our Hollywood Baby Breakfast Club gift box!

Marcia Cross Loves Robeez!

Marcia was spotted out and about with her little Eden who was wearing her Robeez Tredz shoes that were gifted to her through The Hollywood Baby Breakfast Club Spring Gift Boxes- what does Robeez think of the sighting?  "It is fantastic" say K. of Robeez (seen on Celebrity Baby Blog)

And We Are Off!

Hello Everyone!  We have done it!  We have found a home for all the latest news and dish on the # 1 celebrity baby and big kid gifting company in Hollywood the Hollywood Breakfast Club!  Please come back and see us as we constantly add pics and our celebrity thank you cards and magazine snap shots.