Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hello Dolly!!

Hi Everyone!! Sorry for the lack of updates lately, things have been soooo crazy over here at the Sugar headquarters! We will have some BIG BIG announcements coming up, hope you all are enjoying 09- I know I am, we just celebrated my daughter's first Valentine's Day with a really adorable party yesterday where she had a chance to play with some of her little friends like Ashby (daughter of Nancy O'dell), Brady and Manson (sons of Melissa Joan Hart), Chase (son of actor Chico Benymon), Estela (daughter of Ali Landry), Zoey (daughter of singer Tank), True, Olivia and Skylar (daughters of Joely Fisher) and host of so many others who came out for the party/playdate- I feel so lucky and blessed that my little Plum is surrounded by so much LOVE! I will be showcasing some of the party decor and fashion items like the adorable king hats for the boys and the tooo cute princess party hats that the girls wore. We will not be posting any pics of the children or parents from the party since this was a private party for my daughter and I have decided to keep my mommy parties private for the sake of my daughter and her little friends! But, you know I can't do a post without a little Hollywood Dish, here is the thank you card Miss. H from Nursery Rhyme Tease received yesterday for the cute Halloween shirt and book set she sent Matthew McConaughey for little Levi through our Celebrity Back to School Gift Box. More dish, we will be changing the name of our Back to School Gift Box since a certain company has taken such a liking to the name and has decided in honor of Jayneoni they would also name a gift box Celebrity Back to School-even though we are very flattered we have decided to come up with a new name- stay tuned for that and many new updates this week--BIG things coming!!!